There are many ways of working and exploring who you are; seeking healing or balance, making sense of the world.  In the work I do with dreams my clients visit usually once a week and recount any dreams which we explore together.  It helps if you can write a copy for me but not everyone does.  Through associations we find there is relevance to the individual’s life situation that can give new insights and energy.

Everywhere life seeks balance. In the fundamental interplay of opposites of life and death, decay and growth and we see how one is dependent on the other.  Often referred to as the duality of existence, this homeostatic dance is the reality of this life and the opportunity for growth in consciousness.

In the psychology of people, the same principles can be seen collectively and individually.  Historically we observe the ebb and flow of economics and social trends and where equilibrium is lost and extremes occur, where a point is reached too far towards one polarity, we see an eventual turning to the opposite condition in compensation.  Heraclitus the Greek philosopher (535-475 BC) called this phenomenon enantiodromia.

This principle applies to the psychology of individuals no less so; too extreme a belief system or too extreme an attitude that fails to serve our true self always results in suffering and presents the aforementioned opportunity for growth.

The individual’s dreams present unique material; containing new information to work with. They are compensatory in that they point the way to balancing the psyche and are a source of wisdom and new energy tailored for the dreamer. 

The gift of a dream is available to us throughout our whole lives; young or old and just as valuable at any time in our lives.  To anyone reading this I advise that you listen to your dreams and write them down in a notepad by your bed even if you do not chose to work formally with a practitioner.