To exercise creativity, is to affirm and orientate one’s sense of self, which bestows stability in a world of uncertainties.

This is why play is important; in play we banish fear and when we banish fear - creativity, love and inspiration flourish.

Play and the exercise of the imagination is particularly important for children and I would suggest that our treatment of children in modern society is abusive; deprived as they are of time to just ‘be’; as the increasing incidence of stress and mental health issues in young people confirms.

We live in a world where the objectification of our lives deprives us of the ‘experience’. For instance to attend an event and immediately take photographs to post on your Facebook page means you do not experience and enjoy the event but ‘objectify’ it immediately.  Not participating in your own life but merely observing it.  Thus a split and sense of disorientation occurs in the psyche. 

It is my contention that whilst inhabiting Earth, human beings need to have access to both sides of the duality of their nature to achieve psychological wholeness; instinct and mind/body and spirit.