My Work

As a Dream Worker, I work on a one to one basis with my clients and their story so far. Sometimes the story has not gone as wished so to access what their inner self has to say we work with the unconscious in the form of their dreams.

Why dreams?

Apart from being a means to access much creativity and inspiration, dreams represent an impulse from the unconscious to correct and balance an outmoded attitude of consciousness.  As such they can be a source of change and growth in the individual’s consciousness.

This work can help with specific problems of the mind but also with finding a sense of meaning that is often lacking in modern life.

As such it is an exploration of the Self and is not a quick fix but an exploratory journey into who you are.

Janis Muir

About me

Three particular childhood experiences instilled in me a desire to understand why we are here and what for?  Whilst I acknowledge the difficulty of this 'part', this individual to know the whole, it is a journey worth embarking on to recognise who we really are. 

I studied for my Degree in order to commence study with The Guild of Analytical Psychology and trained in the classical Jungian method. During this training students are required to have personal analysis twice weekly, to attend seminars weekly with essay requirements. Working in Clinical Placement for six weeks (in my case Brent East Assessment Service) was part of the training and numerous workshops; all with ongoing assessment.  I was privileged enough to attend seminars on Picture Analysis with Gregg Furth author of ‘The Secret World of Drawings; Healing Through Art’. Practical training with the Guild was to engage in over 450 hours of one to one work with clients under supervision. I am no longer in the Guild but work independently since moving from London to East Sussex.

This is the method I am trained in but I always have an open mind as the key to awakening and healing are to be found within the individual themselves and can be activated in a myriad of ways. With this in mind I respect the work that other practitioners do; it is a matter of finding out what feels right for the individual on their unique journey.